Wednesday, March 2

wednesday wishlist.

1. mac studio fix powder; nw20
2. pandora charm bracelets
3. opi san tan-tonio nail polish; spring collection
4. makeup bag; cath kidston
5. floral dress; lipsy

what are you lusting over this week?


Devea said...

I want that floral makeup bag, so cute! xo

gina said...

Thanks for the follow! I'm loving your blog as well :)

xo, gina

Delaney said...

You know what Powder I love even more than mac, is the CoverFX PodwerFx product. Omg. I really love that company. You should give it a try if you have a sephora near you or if you want to order it online.

♥ Heatherette ♥ said...

devea - it'd be perfect for spring right? sadly, us americans don't get cath kidston :'(

gina - you're quite welcome babydoll! thanks for commenting! x

delaney - thanks for the suggestion! i might have to try that out. :) xxx

AA said...

love the floral print! :)


follow me?

YB* said...

Floral is definitely the way to go this spring! Cute dress!!

Lovely Me. said...

That print is pretty!

Follow me?

kitoiré said...

I have the MAC Studio Fix powder, it's great!!
You should take a look at my MAC and H&M giveaway here :)

Linda Yen said...

Love your blog. I follow you. follow me back.